Please patronize your local, independent quilt shops, whenever possible as they are the exclusive source for Patrick's latest collections. If you don't have a local shop try your favorite online store. Here you'll find older and out-of-print collections that probably can't be found in shops any longer.


Seasonal Celebrations

Happy Halloween

Odds and Ends

Queen Bee

Millefiori/Basically Patrick

In the Kitchen

Katherine Ann

Beggar's Bounty

White Christmas

Prairie Yard Goods


Lily's Garden

Lily's Linen/Basically Patrick

Suds/Basically Patrick

Hexies/Basically Patrick

Dapple/Basically Patrick

Loopy Meander/Basically Patrick

Stars/Basically Patrick

SALE! Dazzle

SALE! Fresco

SALE! Fizz!

SALE! Dot-to-Dot

SALE! Monochromatix

SALE! Kona Colorworks 2

SALE! Luminescence

SALE! Scribbles Meander


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