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Although we strive for perfection, mistakes can happen. Corrections will be posted here as we become aware of them.

Quilting Celebrations errata

Fall 2013 issue

Whimsical Welcome door banner 24 x 36"
Cut brown background for "Welcome" 6-1/4 x 24"
Cut light blue sky background 24 x 30-1/4"

Click here to download the template for cutting the banner's lower arc.
Click here to download the correctly reversed templates for the birds.

The early printed and digital versions of this pattern had a mistake. The 2-1/2" white squares were not listed . The materials list is correct but the cutting instructions on page 1 should read:

From White print, cut:
• 10 (3½"-wide) strips. From the strips, cut 56 (3½" × 6½") D rectangles.
• 8 (2½"-wide) strips. From the strips, cut 128 (2½") A squares.