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October 3, 2016

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Phoenix, Arizona - Patrick Lose has been designing some of the most successful and best-loved cotton fabric prints for the quilting and home sewing industries since 1993. His playful novelty designs and colorful, trendsetting basics, have become staples in independent fabric shops worldwide. It is with great pride and excitement that Patrick and his team announce the formation of Patrick Lose Fabrics and debut the new company’s first collections at Fall Quilt Market 2016!

Available to independent fabric retailers, only.

Anna’s Garden: The inspiration for this cute and colorful garden-themed line is Patrick’s 6-year-old granddaughter and the collection’s namesake, Anna Claire. Her exuberant attitude and color direction for the group is evident in the 38 pieces, bursting with imagery of festive flowers, butterflies and ladybugs, gardening tools and even a juvenile quilt or wall hanging Quilt Starter™ panel print. There's a great selection of Patrick’s signature blenders to tie it all together like a well-planned flower garden! 38 pieces. Ships Nov 1.

Let’s Go Camping: Quilters are always on the lookout for kitschy and colorful conversational collections, especially ones that work well for making quilts for the men and boys in their lives, too! Camping or “glamping" is a very popular theme and Let’s Go Camping offers great novelty prints and plenty of coordinating pieces to complete an outdoor or camping-centric quilt story. 28 pieces. Ships Nov 1.

Poppies in Bloom: Wanting to create a collection geared toward home decor and fashion sewing, Patrick has come up with this striking and sophisticated, contemporary collection of prints in two color groupings. His personal favorite is the combination of buttery yellows, soft grays, black and white. The yellows were switched out for torchy reds to create the second color grouping. xx pieces. Ships January 2017.

Basically Patrick 2016: We know you love our super-popular and successful Basically Patrick collection of basics and blenders, so we’ve added 4 new patterns for our fall 2016 launch.
    Bubbly is a reincarnation of one of Patrick’s all-time best selling blender prints, Fizz. We heard from lots of quilters and shop owners when Fizz was discontinued several years ago and although we wanted to bring back the idea of a print like Fizz, Patrick didn’t want to recreate it exactly. He feels the smaller scale and tighter composition of the bubble elements will make it even more useful and popular. Bubbly is available in 36 effervescent, soda-fountain colors. Ships Nov 1.
    Festive is a splashy and fun that will make any quilting project a celebration. We think you’ll love the mostly monochromatic and clear colors in this crisp and eye-catching pattern. Festive is available in 24 jump-for-joy colors. Ships Nov 1.
    Speckles is a monochromatic blender print featuring specks of a color scattered across a lighter ground and comes in a beautiful spectrum of color. Speckles is available in 36 freckle-faced colors. Ships Nov 1.
    Hooray is truly a life-of-the-party print. Brightly-colored bits of confetti are falling over white, black, aqua, ivory and gray backgrounds. It’s another fun print to have on hand for your customers looking to create a celebratory or just plain “happy” piece. Hooray is available in 5 perfect-for-a-parade colors. Ships Nov 1.
    Wonky Dots: This upcoming Basically Patrick blender offers a contemporary vibe with its playfully warped and wavy dots on a wonky, irregular grid. 36 pieces Ships February 2017

Please note that Patrick’s existing Basically Patrick prints are transitioning to the new company but we will be taking a break from them to evaluate the color palette and come back with new colors that Patrick feels are most popular or trending with you and your customers.

Seasonal Celebrations 2016 is a unique and eclectic collection of the kinds of fabrics every quilter wants in their stash for creating quilt, home decor and gifts for the fall and winter holidays and special occasions. Consider these prints to be your seasonal basics from Patrick Lose Fabrics. We will continue to offer them, as demand warrants, and you’ll see new introductions coming soon for 2017. There are four main collections in this debut offering:
     Happy Halloween: Both vintage and modern at the same time, this ghoultide grouping offers so many possibilities for party decor, costumes and accessories for Fright Night festivities. Now shipping.
     Autumn Palette: Many simple and treasured traditions of fall are expressed in all of its colorful glory in this bountiful autumn collection. Now shipping.
     Christmas Cheer: This is the kind of holiday collection for which Patrick is known, with whimsical motifs in bursts of traditional and contemporary yuletide colors combined. Now shipping.
     Santa's Stash: We’re in love with this fun collection of Christmas standards/basics that offers something for everyone within its Merry Memories or Winter Wonderland groupings. Also included are some of Patrick’s great blenders and textures and several unique panel prints to entice your customers who are looking for just the right fabrics for their seasonal decorating and gift-giving projects. Now shipping.

About Patrick

With a strong and diverse background as a quilt, fashion/costume and home decor designer, Patrick brings a wealth of personal experience to the drawing board when he sets out to develop a new line of fabrics. Quilt shop owners know the value of collections designed by a quilter for quilters and, for that reason, Patrick’s fabrics, patterns, books and videos have always been tried-and-true offerings in their stores.
Patrick has always been proud to be a longtime friend and supporter of the independent quilt shops and is grateful for the relationships built over his 23 years in the industry. Patrick Lose Fabrics collections are now available exclusively to the independent community through its network of distributor reps: Checker Distributors, EE Schenck Co., Needlecraft, Inc., Troy Textiles, Foust Textiles, Notions Marketing, Marshall Dry Goods, New England Quilt Supply, International Textiles, Suzi Textile Group Inc., Quilt Source Canada, Cabrera Marketing Co., Mac’s Craft, and Ebor Fabrics Limited.

View the Seasonal Celebrations 2016 catalog
View our Fall 2016 collections catalog

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