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Party with Patrick Online

Year 5 is in full swing -
but you can join at any time!

You can now join Party with Patrick, in it's current year, even if there isn't a participating shop in your area! The new year began with the April 2013 project, but you may join at any time and you'll receive all projects delivered since April.  Details, below:

(Images shown below are from past years of the club.)

Please read the following information and "House Rules" of the Party with Patrick Online club. If you'd like to join us for the monthly quilting and camaraderie click the Join the Party button. By purchasing a membership, you are agreeing to abide by the terms, below.

How to join

You do not need a PayPal account to purchase your membership. You may also call 623-414-9464 to order by phone. If you'd like to pay through PayPal, using the payment method of your choice, simply click the Join the Party button to check out.

March 2013

Each month of your membership period, you'll receive a "party packet" in PDF format which includes:
- A project for the month with simple, easy-to-follow instructions and/or diagrams to create things like placemats, mini quilts, table toppers, etc. (see examples here)
- At least two recipes for great snacks, salads, light dishes and/or desserts

You'll also have the opportunity to share in the quilting and camaraderie through the Party with Patrick Facebook fan page with partiers throughout the U.S. and Canada!
You must have Adobe Reader in order to view the downloads.


On or before the last day of each month, you'll receive an emailed link to the party materials for a project appropriate in theme for the following month. Click on the link or copy and paste it into your address bar and go to the web page where you'll see the cover for the month's "party packet". Click on the cover to begin the download of your materials as a single, multi-page document in PDF format. Be sure to allow time for the materials to download. These are high resolution files of printing quality.

Once the file download has been completed, you can open the document with Adobe Reader and print all of the pages or choose to print only the pages you need. In an effort to be conscious of the environment, we ask that you only print the pages you will use at the time. Once you've downloaded the file and saved it to your computer, you may print again in the future without having to download again. Pay close attention to # 5 below.

House Rules

By joining the "party", you agree to the following terms.
1. All materials are Copyright Patrick Lose and all rights are reserved.
2. You may download and print the party packet for your personal use, only. You will need to print the templates in order to make the project.
3. You will not "share" the link to the monthly packets or any portion of the packet with anyone else. This is a violation of federal copyright laws.

4. Selling finished items made from these patterns is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Patrick Lose. (Patrick is usually very generous with this permission.)
5. You must download the packet to your computer within 30 days of receiving the email link. The web pages will be disabled after 30 days. There will be no replacement of lost materials or additional downloads permitted after the download period has ended.
6. Because these materials are protected by copyright, there are no refunds given for materials delivered.
7. You have visited the Party with Patrick Facebook fan page or are otherwise familiar with the types of projects you'll be receiving as a member. We try to keep the projects a "surprise" each month!

8. During the checkout process, you must provide a working email address to which you would like the links sent for your monthly party packets. You must notify us if this email address changes. We are not responsible for bounced emails and we do have analytics software that records when your party packet was sent and opened. Please configure your spam filters to allow emails to be delivered and, if you find that you haven't received one of your packets, check your spam folders before contacting us. Thank you!
If you agree to the above terms, click the button to be taken to the page to join
Party with Patrick.

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