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Winter 2019 Complete Machine Embroidery Collection USB


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Save more than 40% off full retail value of the individual embroidery designs.

This collection includes all of the embroideries seen in the Winter 2019 issue of Celebrations in Quilting, including those featured in the inspiration pages—at a very special price for our readers who wish to own all of the designs! See images above or click title, below for more info.

Your purchase will be shipped and delivered on a Patrick Lose Studios branded USB.

You are purchasing embroidery files, only, and must have a copy of the winter 2019 issue of Celebrations in Quilting for instructions on how to complete some of the projects.

Mid Mod Santa round:
9 " x 9 " : 14452 Stitches, 18 Colors, 7 Needles

Merry Pillow center applique:
12(13/16)" x 6 (3/8)" : 28271 Stitches, 20 Colors, 10 Needles

Santa's Helper machine embroidery appliqué mini mat:
7 (3/4)" x 7 (3/4)" : 26758 Stitches, 47 Colors, 15 Needles

Merry Christmas gift tag/ornament (thread-only):
3 (11/16)" x 6 (3/16)" : 13769 Stitches, 10 Colors, 8 Needles

Smiling Santa/Center Block or mini mat:
7 (3/4)" x 7 (3/4)" : 23034 Stitches, 24 Colors, 8 Needles

Winter Whimsies gift tags/ornaments:
Snowflakes: 3 (3/16)" x 5 (1/4)" : 10598 Stitches, 5 Colors, 4 Needles
Snowman: 3 (3/16)" x 5 (3/16)" : 10370 Stitches, 28 Colors, 10 Needles

Mid Mod Santa mini mats:
Santa 1: 7 (3/4)" x 7 (3/4)" : 20315 Stitches, 19 Colors, 11 Needles
Santa 2: 7 (3/4)" x 7 (3/4)" : 21513 Stitches, 21 Colors, 13 Needles

You may have your favorite way to stitch in-the-hoop mini mats but, if not, download and view our free tutorial on how we stitch ours, here.

When checkout is complete, you'll receive a download link by email. Follow the instructions to download a .zip file containing all of the file formats in the drop down menu, above. You are purchasing embroidery files, only. There is no instruction on how to do machine embroidery or how to create projects using these embroidery files. You must have a knowledge of how to use your embroidery machine and how to download the files and load them on your machine or into your embroidery software.

All designs ©Patrick Lose. All Rights Reserved

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