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Fusible Warm Fleece 2

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Fusible Warm Fleece 2 gets you right to the quilting & crafting. Set your iron for the type of fabric you’re using and sandwich Fusible Warm Fleece 2 between your top and backing fabrics and fuse layers together for a quick, soft, stable bond, ready to sew by hand or machine!  The fastest basting ever, giving you more time to finish projects.  Made from 100% polyester fiber manufactured in the USA, Fusible Warm Fleece 2 won’t shrink or lose its shape, staying pliable even after years of washing.  Perfect in wall hangings, table runners, place mats, children's soft books, tree skirts, stockings and so many more projects. Get the smooth flat look Patrick achieves in his projects.
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Fusible Warm Fleece 2 (45" x 1 yard )

$8.99 $9.99

Fusible Warm Fleece 2 by the bolt 45" x 20 yards

$149.99 $159.99

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