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Welcome banner

You must have a copy of the fall 2015 issue of Quilting Celebrations if you want the pattern and instructions for making the banner project, as shown. Please note size of stitch-out. Your machine must be able to stitch the design.

Eight files in the collection!

Size: 173.9x196.5 mm (6.85x7.74 "), Stitches: 18360

W of Welcome
Size: 140.5x100.4 mm (5.53x3.95 "), Stitches: 4873

E of Welcome
Size: 69.4x86.6 mm (2.73x3.41 "), Stitches: 3129

L of Welcome
Size: 61.2x101.2 mm (2.41x3.98 "), Stitches: 2476

C of Welcome
Size: 84.2x83.2 mm (3.31x3.28 "), Stitches: 2781

O of Welcome
Size: 102.3x85.0 mm (4.03x3.35 "), Stitches: 4023

M of Welcome
Size: 121.6x104.0 mm (4.79x4.09 "), Stitches: 4304

Size: 43.5x45.4 mm (1.71x1.79 "), Stitches: 1160

When checkout is complete, you'll receive a download link by email. Follow the instructions to download a .zip file containing all of the file formats in the drop down menu, above.

You are purchasing embroidery files, only. There is no instruction on how to do machine embroidery or how to create projects using these embroidery files. You must have a knowledge of how to use your embroidery machine and how to download the files and load them on your machine or into your embroidery software.

All designs ©Patrick Lose. All rights reserved.