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Motivational Minis CLUB Complete 1st Year/Volume 1

The Motivational Minis Club features smaller projects stitched with inspirational phrases and sayings. A full-color digital booklet of instructions for completing the projects, as pictured is included in the materials you’ll receive (See cover and sample page images, above.). These easy-to-finish quilted pieces are inspiring to make and display and they’re also great for gift-giving.

You must have 5 x 7” or larger hoops for these projects. Multiple hoopings may be necessary to complete the embroidery, depending on the hoop sizes you have available.

A download link for the complete year of the Motivational Minis Club will be emailed to you upon checkout. These files will include the digitized embroidery files, an image of the project, and a Stitching Master PDF file which will show the stitching order. Also included is a full-color digital booklet of instructions for completing the projects. Please be sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader.

You must have 5 x 7” or larger hoops to stitch these designs. Using a 5 x 7 hoop, there will be at least 2 hoopings to complete each design. Please be sure you have a large enough hoop at your disposal before purchasing. We do not give refunds on digital products.

You must have a knowledge of how to download and use the digitized embroidery files in your machine. You will download the files to an external drive and create a back up of all stored designs. It is your responsibility to store the designs in a safe place as we are not responsible for replacing the designs once you have downloaded them. Our email software metrics show us when you have received and downloaded the designs. You will not try to open them with anything other than your embroidery software or machine. We're happy to help if you have problem, but this is a simple process and if you have problems or questions you may also need to contact your machine dealer, who is usually the best source if you have questions on basic embroidery techniques like multiple hooping.

Due to their nature, we do not give refunds for digital products. Our customers agree that we have some of the best digitizing in the industry for our machine embroidery designs. Of course, if there's a problem with a specific file, we will offer an additional download or otherwise replace the designs. If you've made some of our projects before, you know you're going to love these and we hope you will tell your friends who may not be familiar with our embroideries. If, for any reason you are unhappy with the files themselves, we will do our best to resolve the issue and make you happy.

You agree that you have read and understood the copyright statement, below. You will not "share" the embroidery files with anyone nor will you offer the designs for sale. Limited numbers of each piece made from these designs may be offered for sale but they may not be mass-produced. Credit must be given to Patrick Lose as the designer when selling finished pieces. If you would like to make more than 10 of each design, you may contact us for permission.  Patrick is very generous with this permission but it is important that we know ahead of time instead of finding out online or from other sources.

All designs are copyright Patrick Lose and all rights are reserved. The purchase price for these embroidery designs entitles the purchaser to use the designs for personal use, only. It is against Federal Copyright Law to use these designs for anything other than personal use without further permission from Patrick Lose. Patrick is very generous when it comes to granting permission to those who wish to make his designs for sale, but we require more information if the designs will be sold. It is also against the law to "share" the digitized embroidery files with others who have not paid the licensing fee for use of the designs. Please be considerate of Patrick's ownership of the designs and respect copyright laws.

Please add our email addresses to your contacts list to ensure that you receive our emails and that they are not sent to your SPAM folder. Please add and To contact us, please write or call Patrick Lose Studios at 623-414-9464. Facebook and social media pages cannot be used to contact us or resolve customer service issues.

Important: Please "like" and "follow" Machine Embroidery by Patrick Lose on Facebook.